RobotCrewTM OS

Developed using Industrial or optionally Military Quality Embedded Linux Components, a hardened Linux operating system, and a containerization and swarm ready software architecture RobotCrewTM OS is ready to serve faithfully under the harshest conditions.

RobotCrewTM OS can utilize sensor and other data from a wide variety of sources including in-vehicle sources, sources connected via radio link or satellite, and when internet connectivity is available robust data sources from worldwide providers.

For information on RobotCrewTM OS and our Hardware Platforms please contact us.


RobotCrewTM OS Navigation Software

The System includes comprehensive position calculation and plotting functions allowing for both long distance and close in vehicle navigation operations as well as advanced SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) capabilities for collision avoidance and route optimization in uncertain environments.

Simply entering a destination in the NAV system will have the RobotCrewTM OS Navigation Software plot a variety of course options and present them based on need (speed, stability, economy, recreational enjoyment).

RobotCrewTM OS Navigation Software includes a full compliment of advanced vehicle control capabilities.


Consulting services on the development of fully integrated Autonomous platforms

Purchase a Development or Production License

Purchase a license

Minimum requirements:

  • Embedded Linux Board
  • Raspberian, Yocto, CentOS or Ubuntu
  • 1 Ghz processor
  • 2 GB Ram
  • 16 GB or larger storage (SD or HDD)
  • Various Actuators and Controllers with I2C, USB or Serial controller interface
  • GPS (USB interface)

    The LE version of RobotCrewTM is suitable for test and development (non-production) environments only.

    LE version Development License ($2999.00)
    (includes Hardware, sensors, OS and Navigation components for test and development)

    Full version Production License ($5999.95)
    (includes OS and Navigation Software components for production use with separate hardware)

    To place your order, please send your details to

  • Mark I Autonomous vehicle

    Skunkworks project underway. Coming soon.

    About Us

    RobotCrewTM OS, Hardware and related technologies are an ongoing research project headed by David Cunningham.

    I am a founding partner of Dundas BI, a leading provider of embedded BI solutions and software. With more than 25 years of experience providing elegant solutions to developers, Dundas is the premier choice for embedded BI.

    I also helped found, a vertical social network for more than 12 Million software engineers. helps engineers share ideas, best practices and open source software.

    I am proud to have received numerous business, industry and leadership awards including being named an Exceptional Young Entrepreneur (Profit Magazine), winner Fastest Growing companies in Canada (Profit Magazine), winner Fastest Growing North American Technology Companies (Deloitte & Touche), a member of the Who's who of Canadian Business, winner PC-Magazine's Editor's Choice Award for internet connectivity toolkits, and being named 7 years in a row as a Top 100 Innovator and Leader (SDTimes).

    I started photo-etching circuit boards when I was 8, and at 11 was haunting the halls and computer science labs at the local college so much that I was invited by Professor Wayne Ayott to audit his software and hardware design courses.

    Over my career I have used Node, Ruby, C# , C++, MFC, Assembler, Basic, Clipper and Foxpro, on applications for the military, commercial ventures, medical research and the labour movement. Through my medical informatics work I came to know what real-time and mission-critical really mean… just try being part of the critical path when a woman goes into labour.

    Here's my professional profile on LinkedIn:

    In 2007 Microsoft acquired technology from one of my companies, Dundas Data Visualization, for inclusion in SQL Server 2008.