RobotCrewTM OS

Developed using Industrial or optionally Military Quality Embedded Linux Components, a hardened Linux operating system, and a containerization and swarm ready software architecture RobotCrewTM OS is ready to serve faithfully under the harshest conditions.

RobotCrewTM OS can utilize sensor and other data from a wide variety of sources including in-vehicle sources, sources connected via radio link or satellite, and when internet connectivity is available robust data sources from worldwide providers.

For information on RobotCrewTM OS and our Hardware Platforms please contact us.


RobotCrewTM OS Navigation Software

The System includes comprehensive position calculation and plotting functions allowing for both long distance and close in vehicle navigation operations as well as advanced SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) capabilities for collision avoidance and route optimization in uncertain environments.

Simply entering a destination in the NAV system will have the RobotCrewTM OS Navigation Software plot a variety of course options and present them based on need (speed, stability, economy, recreational enjoyment).

RobotCrewTM OS Navigation Software includes a full compliment of advanced vehicle control capabilities.